The open enrollment period for the popular NFL Player Long-Term Care Plan began last Monday, March 15 and extends through May 31, 2021.
The Plan includes a maximum $219,000 lifetime benefit (starting at age 50) and includes a $150 maximum daily benefit.
Long-term care is not medical care but rather a broad range of services and support to meet your personal care needs at home, in an assisted living center, or a long-term care facility. The NFL pays the full cost of the premium for the basic benefit for you.

We at NFL Alumni were early advocates for long-term care insurance for retired players. The original plan was announced 10 years ago at our NFL Alumni press conference at Super Bowl XLV in Dallas in February 2011.

If you are Vested and are age 50 (but not yet 76), you are eligible to apply for free coverage. (Spousal coverage also is available but at your own cost.)
If you recently turned 50 OR are 50-plus, a Vested Former Player, and have never applied for NFL long-term care, you should receive an enrollment packet in the mail from the Transamerica insurance company.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You must satisfy the underwriting requirements of Transamerica, the Plan’s insurance company, before coverage will be offered to you. Unfortunately, not every NFL alumnus qualifies for this insurance.

If you want to schedule a telephone appointment to see whether you are eligible, we encourage you to call 800-260-7512 as soon as possible. The open enrollment period ends this year on May 31.