The Chicago Chapter is back—revived and enhanced! A couple of our members asked if we could have a newsletter. So, let’s give the people what THEY WANT! This is the first issue of our quarterly newsletter. On behalf of the Chicago Chapter I want to welcome you and encourage you to become involved with a committee. We need your participation! Our membership is strong and growing daily. We hope to serve you in many ways. There are so many ways to get involved. We have partnered with the Ronald McDonald House, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Better Boys Foundation, and the Dusable Museum. We host golf tournaments, fishing derbies, football camps, Super Bowl Parties just to name a few. Also, there numerous benefits we have as members. We have exclusive access to a National Football League Alumni (NFLA) travel with 60-75% discounted savings off the regular price. Including discounts on flights and car rentals. We also have free admission into the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. NFL Health is another viable option for us. There are too many benefits to mention. Our hope is that this forum will offer our members a chance to share ideas and concerns, as well as keeping us updated on the happenings of the Chapter. Once again, a warm welcome to you and we hope you enjoy our new platform.

In closing. I have had the pleasure and privilege to serve on the Board for the past 4 years. 3 years as Vice President and currently as President. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with some very formidable people.

As President, I urge you to attend our Chapter meetings and events as often as possible, especially now. It is an impressive gathering of ex-players sharing memories, making new ones, sharing life experiences, laughing, and talking about the good old days, spreading love. Maya Angelou has a quote, “Life is a glorious banquet, a limitless and delicious buffet.” So come out to our meeting on the 11th and partake of this wonderful time of food, fun and fellowship.

If you would like to become part of any committee, please contact me or any board member. If you would like to be a part of any events or donate your time, please let us know that as well. If you have any ideas for activities, tributes, etc., please let us know. Any and all ideas are welcome and will be taken under consideration.


Michael Blair